3D Painting

This is the new state of the art.

3D resin painting is an innovation: a combination of fine painting, sculpture, and chemical technology. Acrylic paintings are stacked within layers of poured acrylic resin, forming a prismatic diorama of light, shadow, and motion. The acrylic resin melds with the acrylic paint, melting away the brushstrokes into liquid photorealism.

Chemically engineered just for fine artists, the world’s most premium resin forms a UV-resistant, non-yellowing, scratch-proofed, color-enhancing seal. 

Better than real.

Irridescent, pearlescent, and luminescent. Astonishing, powerful, and immortal. The creatures, scenes, and logos burst out of the frame. Flowers look succulent and lilting. Aquatics appear wet and alive, with glistening fish ready to dart and jump out of the pail.

The technique of 3D layered painting is said to have originated centuries ago in China, then was recently revived by select few Japanese masters, and now is greatly enhanced in this local artist’s quest for the ultimate artform.

To see how it’s done, click on 3D Painting Explained.


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