3D Painting Explained

Click each image to enlarge, or click the slideshow link at the top of the page. See each layer being added. The single goldfish has a total of ten layers. That’s one fat fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does each 3D painting project take?

A: The resin requires 12 hours of drying time per quarter inch of poured depth. Many projects can be rotated onto the art workstation while others are drying. Each layer takes 1 to 4 hours of focused painting and cleanups, totaling 5 to 10 layers. So in total, a project could take 5 to 40 hours of bench time.

Q: Are… are these…. real fish?!

A: No they’re not real. They’re paint.

Q: But how do you get the fish in there?

A: These are not real fish. They just look like it. Even in your hands, in real life. Several people ask this per day.

Q: Can I pick it up? I don’t want to spill it and my kids shouldn’t touch this! We can’t have nice things.

A: It’s not real water, but it really looks like it. It’s shatterproof acrylic resin. You must pick it up and play with it and pass it around and watch it dance under the light. You can’t let it sit still. Your kids won’t break this! Just wipe it down.